Sunday, August 05, 2007


Bridges ...
crossing great divides
connect the past and future
from who we are
to who we will become.

Bridges ...
bear the weight of memories
buried deep within the baggage
we always carry with us
as we recreate our lives.

Bridges ...
small but hardy
cross a gamut of emotions
and provide a sturdy venue
to build and learn and grow.

Bridges ...
strong and stalwart
serve to link us to each other
with a bond of perpetuity
no storm can tear apart.

Bridges ...
span a lifetime
as we leave each day behind us
and rush to greet tomorrow
shining on the other side.

Bridges ...
of friendship, faith, and love
where we meet to combine forces
for the never ending journey
we come to know as life.

~ Patricia A. Teckelt ~

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